What time can you check in and check out?
You can check in from 2:00 PM to 11:00 PM and check out from 06:00 AM to 11.00 AM.

Does the hotel have non-smoking rooms?
Yes, we all rooms are non-smoking.

Does the hotel have Wi-Fi and is it free of charge?
Yes, Wi-Fi is available all rooms and in public areas free of charge.

Can I get maps of Milan at reception?
Yes, just ask the concierge.

Are staff on hand at all times?
Yes, the Milan Hotel Rio reception desk is attended 24 hours a day.

Is there a bar in the Hotel Rio Milano?
Yes. We have a bar where our guests can enjoy wines, spirits or beer. There is also a mini bar in each of our rooms.

Do the rooms come with a private bathroom?
Yes, as well as a shower and hairdryer.

Do the rooms have a television?
Yes, they do, they also show international channels such as BBC and CNN.

Is the hotel centrally located in Milan?
Yes, we are located in the "Centro Storico" district – the city centre.

What kind of rooms do you have?
Hotel Rio Milan has a number of single, twin-bed and double. You can check availability with our Real Time Booking System.

Can the staff speak English?
Yes, the majority of the staff at the Rio Hotel Milan are multilingual, they speak many languages including English, Arabic, Italian and French.

Does the price include taxes?
Yes, all taxes are included in the price.

Does Milano Rio Hotel offer a shuttle service to and from the airport?
No, but we will be happy to arrange a taxi for you at any stage during your stay with us.

Do you have any last minute special deals?
Check our Real Time Booking System.. You are under no obligation to give any details, simply check availability and prices on specific dates.

Is the hotel central?
The location is one of the main advantages enjoyed by the Rio Hotel Milan. Standing right in the centre of this beautiful northern Italian city – in the ancient Centro Storico (Historical Centre) – Hotel Rio Milano provides easy access to the entire city. Situated on the charming Via Mazzini, Hotel Rio Milan provides easy access to the famous Milan Cathedral (Il Duomo Di Milano) and Sforzesco Castle, as well as to all of the main shopping districts (and there are plenty of those in Milan!)

What is the nearest metro or train stop to the hotel?
The Duomo metro stop is close by, while the rest of the central city can be easily reached by foot.

If I book direct, will I be getting the best rate?
Yes, we guarantee you our best available rate if you book here, on our official website.

Is there a restaurant in the hotel?
No, but there is a bar in the hotel and a mini bar in each room. Also, you can always ask our staff for recommendations for a restaurant near the hotel.

Does the hotel offer a concierge service?
Yes, 24 hours a day.

Does the hotel have a parking?


Does the hotel have any meeting room facilities?

Does the hotel accept pets?
Yes, your pets are allowed with no extra charges.

Are the rooms air conditioned?
Yes, all our rooms are air conditioned.


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